When it comes to digital marketing, some mistakes are easier to make than others, and some mistakes can lead to more significant problems than others. The good news is that most of these mistakes can be easily avoided, so if you’re new to the game or just looking to brush up on your knowledge, here are the seven worst mistakes you can make in digital marketing, and how to avoid them!

1. Not knowing your core audience

Not knowing your core audience is one of the worst mistakes you can make in digital marketing. It’s crucial that you know who your target customer is and what they’re interested in so that you can tailor your message to them. Consider investing in a market research study or hire an expert who specializes in data analytics, like RevMetrics. They’ll be able to do a demographic analysis for you and provide actionable insights on how to improve your digital marketing efforts.

2. Skipping Keyword Research

If you’re going to invest your time and money into a marketing campaign, you have to make sure the keywords that come up in your marketing content are relevant and well-researched. Without knowing what people are searching for, it’s difficult for anyone to know if they’ll be interested in your content or not.

3. Going for volume over value

There’s a lot of marketing advice out there, and it can be hard to figure out what is worth listening to. At the end of the day, you need results that you can measure. Stick with proven methods, and don’t fall for anything too flashy or gimmicky.

4. Trying to be something you’re not

One of the worst digital marketing mistakes you can make is trying to be something you’re not. If you don’t have a clearly defined target audience, then your company will always struggle with digital marketing. You need to know who your customers are, what they like and dislike, and how they like to be marketed too. Without this information, it’ll be difficult for you find success with digital marketing.

5. Focusing too much on analytics

Analytics are important, but they don’t show the whole picture. They won’t tell you how your customers feel about your company, what ads are most effective or which content is resonating with them. Analytics can also be misleading if you’re not using them correctly.

6. Relying on PPC advertising alone

Many companies rely on PPC advertising as their sole digital marketing strategy. In many cases, this is the worst mistake you can make for your company. PPC can be expensive and difficult to set up, and it has no long-term value. Instead of just relying on PPC advertising, consider other digital marketing strategies like content marketing and social media marketing.

7. Not understanding how search engines rank content

If you don’t understand how search engines rank content, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table.  For example, if you spend time and energy optimizing for keywords like dog food, but neglect other related terms like cheap dog food or best dog food, then your rankings will suffer. SEOs are usually tasked with understanding how people use language in their searches and then making sure that the site is optimized for that specific phrase or keyword.

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