Starting a business with someone else can be a great idea if you’re both focused on the same goals and willing to put in the hard work together to achieve them. However, sometimes business partnerships fall apart due to personality clashes or differences in work ethic or vision, which can leave one partner wishing they had never agreed to the joint venture in the first place and wondering how they can break free and move on as an independent business owner.

Independence is key

In any business setting, every single individual has their own goals and strengths. And sometimes, those goals are at odds with each other. The big problem is when one of those individuals is pulling in the opposite direction as the rest of the group. It’s good to debate things, it’s bad when there’s a stalemate because no one can budge the other person. When it becomes unbearable for someone in the group (or they lose hope that they’ll ever get anywhere,) then what happens?

Finding out what you’re good at

It is important to be able to identify what your skill set is and determine the activities that you are best at. Identifying these will allow you more room for growth as a business owner. It is not enough just to have great business ideas; you also need know-how on how to execute them properly.

Just start with the basics

Just as with dating and romantic relationships, entrepreneurship is hard. It takes a lot of self-awareness, trust in yourself and determination. You need both independence and compromise. The difference is that there are no contracts–just expectations. When you’re a small business owner and the person who’s running the show, you have your name on it: literally.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

When considering branching off on your own, it’s important to realize that there will be many new things that you need to learn. At the same time, there are some things you already know how to do and may want to do on your own. You don’t have to know everything about the start-up process before you make the leap. A common misconception is that as a small business owner, we’re completely self-sufficient and can do everything by ourselves.

Making connections isn’t always easy

Making connections with local potential clients is never easy when you’re a small business owner, which is why we all need to go solo and give it a try. With that said, the first step in promoting your new business or getting your products into stores is networking. The key word here is networking (yes it’s written twice). That’s because face-to-face time with people leads to conversations about your products and services.

Keeping it simple will help you succeed

So you’re ready to break off and go solo. Whether you are branching out from your current company or branching out on your own for the first time. The experience might be a little intimidating at first but keep in mind the following four easy steps that will ensure success: Be true to yourself, believe in yourself, focus on what makes you unique, and think of who your dream customer is.

Reaching out can mean friends, family, and clients too

To really think about a solo business venture it is important to reach out for help. Some of the best people in your life are friends, family, and clients. All of these people have something that you need when starting a new endeavor: access. You can ask your friends for advice or let them know what you are up to so they can introduce you to their network of clients.

Don’t leave without backup

Since every person is unique and has different skill sets, it might be a good idea to branch off on your own and explore your ideas. It’s important to take the time to explore what you want from life, as well as what makes you happy. That said, it’s important for small business owners like myself not to leave without backup; having a partner can come in handy when one is feeling drained or bogged down by others’ expectations.

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