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About Waterview Capital

Over the years, we’ve grown tired of other funders not approving small- and medium-sized businesses, all in the name of “high risk.” We believe that businesses of any size or risk level should be able to get the funding they need to survive.

Waterview Capital was created to fill this void in the Merchant Cash Advance marketplace. We offer professional, honest, and transparent funding with fast approvals and same-day funding to give businesses the capital they need to get ahead in an ever-changing marketplace. If you need funding, choose a funder you can trust.

Three Pillars Of Service

At Waterview Capital, we set ourselves apart from the competition with our service.
These three pillars drive everything we offer to provide unmatched lending services for businesses around the country:


Our dedicated team of experts is always ready to help you find the perfect loan solutions for your needs. We can forecast and analyze business metrics to provide premium funding services to fit your unique business.


If we know, you know. We’re completely transparent throughout the lending process, including the application, funding, and repayment stages. Our goal is complete honesty and transparency so that you can trust us as your go-to financial partner.


With fast approvals and same-day funding, we offer some of the quickest funding services in the industry. Don’t let your cash flow suffer longer than it has to. We ensure you get funding quickly and easily to keep your business ahead.

Our Team

All our professionals have years of experience in the commercial finance industry. We are ready to provide you professional service and personalized advice to help you reach your business and financial goals. Get to know the Waterview team:

How it works.

We set ourselves apart from the competition by how easy and fast we make it to get the funding you or your clients need. Secure your funding in just four simple steps:


Fill out the online application within minutes.

Get approved

Most applications are approved in just 30 minutes.

Contracts and final underwriting

We’ll send you the contract and perform a final check.

Receive your funds

Funds are deposited into the merchant’s account the same day!

Work with the commercial finance experts

Armed with years of experience and all the forecasting and analytics tools, the experts at Waterview Capital are ready to help you find the perfect solution to your business’s or merchants’ financial needs. When you’re ready for transparent, honest, and prompt financing, contact the commercial finance experts at Waterview Capital.