As an entrepreneur, you know the importance of making smart business decisions. At any given time, you’re juggling a million different projects and opportunities – some of which pay off handsomely, while others can cost you big-time if they go bad. In many cases, it’s not enough to make smart decisions; you also need to know when to invest in your business and when to hold back on spending money. Here are five tips for knowing when to invest in your business so that you can keep your company growing without overspending or sinking too much cash into one project at the expense of another.

1) Don’t Get Too Hungry

So what does it take to know when it’s time to invest? For starters, you need some cash on hand. More than one-third of small business owners don’t have enough liquid assets on hand in order to cover three months of operating expenses. Next, you should be growing. As the chart below shows, businesses that are growing and investing simultaneously outperform those who aren’t investing at all or those who invest but have stopped growing.

2) Don’t Get Too Full

It’s time for you to make a decision. How much should you invest in your business? More or less? Just trust your instincts and do the best you can, but don’t get too full of yourself. You may not be aware that there are some instances where less is more and vice versa. Consider these five important tips when deciding what amount to invest so that you know the best outcome.

3) Have Cash Flow

Cash flow is everything when it comes to running a business. Here are some tips on how to make sure you’re investing wisely and how to take care of your cash flow. 

1) Make careful choices about what you buy with your company’s money and time. What are the risks of making the purchase? What will happen if you don’t make the purchase? 

2) Create an emergency fund so that you have a cushion if an unexpected expense comes up. This can be as small as $500-$1000, but be realistic about what size would allow you not to panic when something happens. 

3) Be aware of all costs–especially recurring ones like rent or utilities.

4) Know Your Competition

Good timing is crucial when it comes to business decisions. You should have an understanding of the current economic climate before taking the leap into new investments. It’s good practice, before committing any money, to do a little research about your industry and make sure you’re headed in the right direction. Research shows that small business investment is on the rise thanks to a recovering economy, so now may be a perfect time if you’ve been hesitant up until this point. Now more than ever, it’s important not to put off any major decision just because things seem slow or difficult now because it may soon get better!

5) Time It Right

Startup companies often pour all their time and money into the start of their business, going all-in as quickly as possible. But many don’t realize that there are times when it pays to invest more heavily than others. It’s important not only to have a healthy mix of both expenses and investments but also to know which category is best at any given time. To know what your company needs most, you need a business strategy—a plan on how you want your business to grow over time. Once you have your goals laid out and the timeline established, here are some factors you’ll want to consider: 

When should I put my money in? At what stage of our company should we be spending now? 

What about equity?

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